Memo to the pilgrims of the Holy Mount Athos


Dear pilgrims of the Holy Mountain Athos, welcome to this Sacred Place – a place of prayer, silence, repentance, monastic deed and unceasing service to the Triune God. The monastery follow Byzantine time. The difference in time is from 3 hours – in the summer to 7 hours – in the winter. After the Compline, please observe the silence, respecting the pilgrims. Archondarik of the monastery is outside the monastery fence, so please do not leave things unattended! During your stay here, in the Garden of the Blessed Virgin, you will need to adhere to the following rules:

1. Your clothes and behavior should be decent and fit in a sacred place.

2.Your cellular phones should be turned off in the Temple, in the Trapeza and inside the fence of the Holy Monasteries or other Sacred Institutions (Skits and Cells).

3. Without permission, do not visit buildings and places that do not correspond to the traditions of hospitality.

4. In the Temple and on the Trapeza, your complicity should be silent and noiseless, and also you must observe the order and special rules of each Sacred Institution.

5. The use of television, radio and music playback devices is prohibited.

6. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages on the territory of the monastery and in the archondaric is strictly prohibited!

7. Be especially careful to avoid the causes of fires. It is strictly forbidden to camp out in the open.

8. It prohibits hunting, the importation of weapons and dogs.

9. Strictly prohibited filming (cinematographic, video). The appropriate equipment and materials are seized by law enforcement agencies.

10. Photographing of monks and inner territories is forbidden without obtaining prior permission.

11. The duration of your stay is 4 days, in each Sacred Institution – 1 day. In order to avoid misunderstandings, take care of your reception in those Sacred Institutions, in which you would like to stay, having previously agreed (by calling).

12. If you have a Special Diamonitirion, that is, you are invited to any particular Sacred Institution, do not require that you be received in another Holy Institution, becouse is a violation of the rules of reception on the Holy Mountain.

On the day of departure, you need to vacate the cell before 10.30 am Greek time, in order to have time to remove it before the arrival of the ferry from Ouranoupolis with the newly arrived pilgrims. The culture of behavior in the monastery tea house should also be decent, pilgrims preserve cleanliness and order.

The Most Holy Theotokos bless your pilgrimage and the whole subsequent path of your life.