Pilgrimage to St. Athos. Wisdom of the Athonite Elders


My Son, and My God, bless this place, this is my inheritance, and keep it to the very end of the world, and also those who live here for your holy name and for my name, so that by their little labors they sins become simplified by the aspiration for repentance. Give them in life all good and useful in this world, and in the next time – eternal life. Exalt this place above all others, reveal your wonderful power, fill it with people from all nations of the Earth – those who bear Your Name – and let their dwellings spread from end to end on this peninsula. Save them from eternal perdition, from all temptation, from enemies visible and invisible and from all falsehood, and establish them in the righteous faith.


1st day. Thessaloniki – Ouranoupoli

Arrival in Thessaloniki. Meeting at the airport “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki. Group transfer to the Ouranoupoli. Hotel accommodation.

2nd day. Ouranoupoli – Holy Athos

Breakfast in the hotel. Receiving diamonitirion (permission to stay) in the representation of the Holy Mountain in Ouranoupoli. Buy tickets for the ferry. Departure by ferry to Athos at 9:45. Exit from the ferry to the wharf of the monastery of Xenophon. Transfer with a guide on a public bus to the capital of the monastic republic of Karyes. Icon worship “Mother of Mercy”, icon “Nursing Virgin“. Visit to the monastery Kutlumush. Visit Andrew’s Skete and worship the head of the Apostle St. Andrew. Overnight at the monastery of Xenophon.

Evening conversation with the elder prior of the monastery of Xenophon – Alexios.

3rd day. Saint Athos

After Liturgy and repast, pilgrimage to monasteries.

1 – Iveron monastery. Worship the Iveron Icon – the Mother of God “Portaitissa“. Visit to the spring of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God.

2 – The Monastery of Karakal. Worship the “Calming down” or “Restrain” Icon of the Mother of God, the miraculous icon of Peter and Paul, as well as the icon of the Holy Martyr Gideon, who heals from cancer.

3 – Monastery of Philotheus. Worship miraculous icons of “Tender feeling”, Gerondissa. Visit the spring of St. Athanasius of Athos.

4 – Monastery of the Great Lavra. Worship the relics of Athanasius of Athos, the miraculous icons of “Ikonomisa” and “Kukuzelissa“. Overnight and dinner in the monastery. Conversation with the prior of the monastery – Archimandrite Prodromos.

4th day. Saint Athos

After the Liturgy and repast, pilgrimage to monasteries and Sketes.

1 – Monastery of Stavronikita. Worship the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

2 – Monastery Pantokrator. Worship of the miraculous icon “Gerontissa“.

3 – Skete of Prophet Ilias. Worship the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God.

4 – The Skete of the Virgin (Skete of woodworker’s, 1st Russian Skete on Athos). The worship the miraculous icon Kazan Mother of God.

5 – Monastery of Vatoped. The worship the Belt of the Blessed Virgin, the head of St. John Chrysostome, seven miraculous icons: “Pantanassa“, “Pirovolitisa“, “Eleovritissa“, “Esfagmeni“, “Calming down” or “Restrain”, “Ktitorisaor “Vimatarisa”, “Antifonetria“. Overnight and dinner in the monastery. Conversation with the elder prior of the monastery – Gabriel Pantokrator.

5th day. Saint Athos

After the Liturgy and the repast, pilgrimage to monasteries.

1 – Monastery of Constantonite. Worshiping the Wonderworking Icon of the First Martyr and Archdeacon Stephen, the icons of the Mother of God “Odigitria” and “Andifonetria“.

2 – Monastery of Simonopetra. Worshiping the imperishable relics of St. Maria Magdalene, which until today keep (almost 2000 years) the temperature of a living body.

3 – The Monastery of St. Paul, which contains the gifts of the Magians, the relics of the Cosmas and Damian, the Greatmartyr and the Miracle Worker Panteleimon. Dinner and overnight in the monastery. Visit to the cell of Evangelismos of Theotokou. Conversation with mentor elder – Prodromos.

6th day. Saint Athos.

After the Liturgy and the repast, pilgrimage to the monasteries.

1 – Monastery Zograf (Bulgarian), worship the three miraculous icons of St. George the Victorious.

2 – Monastery of Hilandar (Serbian, known to the Holy Vine, healing infertility). Worship the miraculous icon “Tricherousa“, the relics of Savva of Serbia. Monastery Dohyar, the worship the miraculous icon “Gorgoepikoos“. Monastery Xenophon, worship the miraculous icons of the Mother of God “Odigitria” and St. George the Victorious. Return to the St. Panteleimon Monastery. Dinner and overnight in the monastery or in the monastery of Vatopedi. Conversation with the elder Archimandrite Ephraim.

7th day. Saint Athos – Ouranoupoli

In the afternoon, departure by ferry to Ouranoupoli. Hotel accommodation.

8th day. Ouranoupoli – Thessaloniki – Airport

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Thessaloniki to the airport “Macedonia”. Departure.

The price includes:

Group transfer. Airport – Ouranoupoli and back.

Hotel – at first and last day of the excursion.

A certified guide with a theological education.

Transport in the Holy Mountain Athos minibus Mercedes Esprid.

Overnight in monasteries and two meals a day on Athos.

The price does not include:

Ferry tickets.

Damonitirion (cost 25 €).

Tour cost per person:

2 – 4 people – 1000 euro

5 – 9 people – 800 euro

10 – 18 people – 600 euro