Pilgrimage to St. Athos. Monastery of Vatopedi – Belt of the Virgin


Monastery Vatoped is one of the oldest, rich and large-scale Athonite monasteries. It is situated on the north-eastern coast of the Athos peninsula, between the monasteries of Esfigmen and Pantokrator. Saint’s Feast Day: March 25 (April 7) – Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin.

The monastery staying miraculous icon of the Mother of God, “Esfagmeni,” “Antifonitria“, Theotokos “Ktitorisa” or “Vimatarisa”, “Eleovritisa” (Dohiarissa) “Paramifiya”, and the miraculous image of Theotokos at the doors (also called “Pirovlitissa” (from the Greek “pirovolo” – fire) So, the image was named in 1822 after a Turkish soldier shot Theotokos, then he lost his mind and was hunged oneself. Priceless relic Vatopedi – the belt of the Virgin, woven from her hair. Besides, there are parts of the holy Cross, Jesus’s garment one other items associated with the earthly life of our Savior and the Blessed Virgin Mary, honest head of Saint Ioann Zlatoust, Grigoriy Bogoslov, Modest of Ierusalim, Iakov Persyanin, ktetors monastery of Saint Nicholas, Athanasius and Anthony and Martyr Mercury, the right hand of the Andrew the Apostle, relics of John the Baptist, the Apostle Bartholomew, Protomartyr archdeacon, of Stephen, martyr Panteleimon, Procopius, Demetrius of Thessaloniki and Saint Teodor Stratilat, Saint martyr Haralambos and Andrey of Crete, martyr Tryphon, Kirik, Sergius, Bacchus, Catherine and Marina, Martyr Paraskeva, Pelagia and Theodosia, John the Merciful, venerable Evdokimos of Vatopedi Miracle and other Saints. In the territory of Vatopedi 12 churches and 19 temples belonging to the monastery are located outside of it. In Vatopedi, pilgrims are always welcome! Hegumen of Vatopedi, Father Ephraim is known for his conversations and sermons far beyond the borders of Mount Athos, including Russia.

According to this program, only one monastery in Athos is visited – Vatopedi, a two-day immersion in prayer life of this monastery.

If you would like, you can visit other Athos Saints (depending on group). Our pilgrim center has own transport on Athos (by arrangement and at an additional cost).



Arrival in Thessaloniki. Meeting at the airport of Macedonia. Group transfer to the village of Ouranoupoli.

Accommodation in the hotel of Ouranoupoli.


Breakfast in hotel. Receiving diamonitirion (permission to stay) in the port of Ierissos. Purchase of tickets. Departure by boat to the Holy Mountain at 8.35 am. Exit from the boat on the wharf of the monastery Vatoped. Arrival at monastery. Meeting with the archondarichnym – the monk responsible for the pilgrims. Accommodation in guesthouse (monastery hotel).

3rd day. HOLY ATHOS

Stay in Holy Mount in the monastery of Vatopedi. During their stay in the Holy Mountain pilgrims live according to the charter of the monastery, attend church services. Meal in the monastery – 2 times a day, morning and evening. In the period of posts – 1 time.


Return to the village of Ouranoupoli. Departure by boat “Panagia” from the pier of the monastery of Vatoped to the port of Yerisos.


Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to airport of Macedonia. Departure.

If you would like, you can stay on the first and last night in Thessaloniki,

hotel 3* – 4*, where you will visit the shrine of the city – Temple of the Martyr Demitrius of Thessaloniki, Cathedral of Saint Gregory Palamas, Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

Tour cost per person:

3 – 5 people – 210 euro.

6 – 18 people -160 euro.

The cost of the tour includes:

– Group transfer airport – Ouranoupoli – Airport

– 2 nights accommodation in the Hotel Ouranoupoli single/double/triple rooms

– meals in hotel – breakfast

– preliminary permission to visit Athos

– medical insurance

The cost of Diamonitirion is 25 euro, tickets for ferry are paid on the spot.

Memorable gifts to the pilgrims – rosary, pouch of frankincense, consecrated and venareted to the relics of the monastery of Iveron (more than 180 relics of Orthodox saints) and to the gifts of the Magians of the monastery of Saint Paul.

Монастырь Ватопед