Pilgrimage to Holy Places in Jerusalem (duration 8 days 7 nights)

1st day. Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Departure to Jerusalem. Hotel accommodation.

Worship of the Holy Sepulcher. Calvary. Stone of the Anointing. The place of finding the Life-giving Cross. The opportunity for receiving the Holy Communion. Liturgy of the Holy Sepulcher. Receiving the Holy Communion.

2nd day. Gethsemane. Tomb of the Blessed Virgin. Garden of Gethsemane. The Church of the Passion of Christ is a modern church, which built during the Early Byzantine period, in memory of praying of Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane before the arrest and the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

Russian monastery of the Holy Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene, the worship of relics of Grand princess Elizabeth Feodorovna and the nun Barbara.

House of St. Joachim and Anna. Bethesda.

Pool of Bethesda, in the vestibule of which the Christ miraculously healed the paralytic.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At this spot, according to tradition, there was the dwelling of the righteous Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Holy Virgin Mary.

The Way of the Cross Via Dolorosa (Paintful way) is the way where the our Savior went to Calvary, the place of His death on the Cross. According to the Orthodox tradition the Way of the Cross starts from Pretorium, where in the time of Jesus Christ there was a prison in which criminals were held before the court of the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate.

The threshold of the Judgment Gate (Alexandrian Compound). Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

3rd day. Bethlehem. Church of the Nativity.

The Bethlehem field, at which Ruth met Voz. Here the childhood of King David was spent and he was anointed by the prophet Samuel for reign.

Chapel of the Shepherd’s Field is an underground church in a cave, where on the night of Christmas three angels appeared to the three shepherds, who announced the birth of the our Savior.

Monastery of the Reverent Monk Theodosious.

The Holy Lavra of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified.

Hebron. The Trinity Monastery in Hebron. Oak of Mamre.

4th day. Monastery of the St. Onuphrius.

Valley of the Cross. Monastery of the Cross, was founded on the spot where the triune tree grew, on which our Savior was crucified. Catacombs.

Temple of Simeon the Righteous (Simeon the God-receiver).

Ein Karem. Tribe of Judah. The Spring of the Mother of God confirms the visit of the Mother of God in the hill country of Judah to her relative, the Righteous Elizabeth. Gornensky Orthodox Monastery. The Desert of John the Baptist. Spring of John Baptist.

5th day. The Mount of Olives. Ascension rock (Imbomon) – the place of the Ascension of the Lord. Russian Orthodox Convent of the Ascension. Church of the Pater Noster or “Our Father”. Panorama. Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. Trinity Cathedral.

Mount Zion. In Zion there has happened: the Last Supper, the trial of the high priests Annas and Caiaphas, the appearance of Christ to the apostles after the Resurrection, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the first church planting. The Cenacle, where on the eve of the arrest the our Savior for the first time administered a sacrament of the Eucharistia. Here the Apostle Peter said the first sermon. Here was occurred the first Apostolic Council around 50 AD. The home of the Holy Apostle John the Theologian was located on this hill. Here St. John took care of the Virgin, according to Christ’s words on the Cross: “Behold, your mother (John 19:27). Now here is situate a Catholic church dedicated to Maria. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

King and prophet David’s Tomb. The Jewish Quarter. Cardo street. Panorama of the Temple Mount.

Bethany: the cave of the Four Age Lazarus.

Divine Liturgy at the Holy Sepulcher.

6th day. The Judean Desert. Monastery of St. George of Choziba

Jericho. Holy Monastery of the Prophet Elisha in Jericho. Zacchaeus’ sycamore fig in Jericho. Mount of Temptations. Monastery of the St. Gerasim in Jordan.

Dead Sea (the price does not include payment for visiting the beach).

Moving to Galilee throught the Jordan Valley. Among of all rivers of the earth, the great Jordan was elected. In waters of Jordan was washed away the sins of all mankind. Here our Lord Jesus Christ initiated the saving sacrament of Baptism and from here began his ministry.

Accommodation in a hotel in Tiberias.

7th day. Nazareth. St. Gabriel‘s church and the Mary’s Well or Holy Spring of the Virgin Mary. The Church of the Annunciation over the house where the Holy Family lived.

Cana. The church in honor of the first miracle at the Marriage at Cana.

Mount Tabor – Monastery of the Transfiguration. The Jordan River — ablution in the holy waters.

Dinner. Overnight in Tiberias.

8th day. Departure from the hotel. Sea of Galilee. On its coasts the Lord chose his disciples from ordinary fishermen and called them. Capernaum – the Church of the Twelve Apostles. The evangelists called Capernaum “His city”. The Mount of Beatitude – the place of the proclamation of the Sermon on the Mount.

Tabgha – the place of miraculous Multiplication of the Loaves. The property of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Magdala – the place where the Lord had healed the Holy Apostle Mary Magdalene. Lydda. Temple of St. Great Martyr George. Georgian house in Lydda. Departure to Ben Gurion Airport.