The Monastery of Gregory


The monastery Grigoriat, like Stavronikita, is dedicated to St. Nicholas, it is situated on a rock between the monasteries Simonopetra and Dionisiat, at altitude of twenty meters above sea.

The monastery was founded in the 14th century by the Monk Gregory Sinait and his disciples. A later document mentions the name of Gregory of Syria, who may have become his successor. The original tipicon, which the brethren still uses, is composed by the Monk Gregory Sinait.

About the history of the monastery of Gregoriate in the period before the beginning of the XVI century, little is known. In the era of pirate raids and predatory raids of the Crusaders, most records and archives were lost. In 1500, it was restored thanks to the generosity of Stephen the Great, the holy ruler of Moldavia. After the fire of 1761, the monastery was empty, until the monastery treasurer Joachim of Akarnia reconstructed it with the means requested from the sultan and the rulers of the Danube countries.


The present cathedral, dedicated to St. Nicholas, was built by the monk Joachim. The cathedral stores two glorified icons of the Mother of God – “Galactotrophusa” and “Pantanassa” – with the baby Jesus in his arms. However, Jesus does not bless, but king it over us. This is the gift of the Princess Mary Paleologus, the wife of Saint Stephen the Great from Romania. The icon of the Virgin remained unscathed after all the fires that occurred there, even when everything burned down. In the monastery there is another known icon – “Odigitriya”, which miraculously passed from Vatopedi to the monastery of Gregory. Therefore, it was decided to leave it here out of respect for the will of the Most Holy Theotokos.

In addition to the main temple, the monastery has ten small churches and chapels, three kafismas and four cells in Karey. The chapel of St. Gregory the Monk was built in 1851.

In the library of the monastery are stored 174 ancient manuscripts, including one of the oldest manuscripts of “Shepherd” Erma and 4000 book.

Among the shrines of the Gregorian are fragments of the tree of the Cross of the Lord, the feet and hand of the holy martyr Anastasia of Rimay, the frontal bone of St. Kirik, part of the relics of St. Charalampos, the face and relics of St. Gregory the Theologian, St. Dionysius the Areopagite, the head of Saint Photini Samaritan, St. Julia, Saint Cosmas and Damian .

Today the monastery of Gregoriat is one of the most strict regimen monasteries of common organization in Athos and is inhabited by about 70 monks.