20 Trials of Human Sins


20 Trials of Human Sins

1. Words: untruthfulness, verbosity, idle talk, idleness, sarcasm, slander, profanity, anecdotes, obscenities, vulgarity, distortion of words, simplification, grandiloquent, ridicule, absurdity, laughter, calls, singing passionate songs, grumbling, abominations, incitement, blasphemy, mockery of men and the name of God, takename in vain, rudeness.

2.Lying: flattery, sycophancy, grovel, cunning, meanness, cowardice, vanity, isolation, imagination, artistry, buffoonery, perjury, perjury, fastidiousness, concealment of sins in confession, secrecy.

3. Slander: insults, condemnation, resentment, distortion of truth, slandering, complaints, outrage, mockery, blasphemy, assistance to others’ sins, insolence, impertinence, cynicism, moral pressure, threats, distrust, doubts.

4. Gluttony: overeating, drunkenness, secret overeating on fasting, food not on time, without the sign of the cross, breaking fast, feasting, smoking, drug addiction, toxicomania, eating food unclean and sacrificed to idols, lasciviousness.

5. Laziness: neglect, self-justification, stubbornness, inattention, oblivion, lethargy, inoccupation, sadness, recreancy, idleness, weak-mindedness, forgetfulness, carefree, potboiler, parasitism, obstinacy, slackitude, coolness and lukewarmness about the spiritual, neglect of God, insensitivity.

6. Larceny: plunder, thefts, divide, adventure, affair, assistance, plagiarism, fraud, appropriation in the form of confiscation.

7. Greediness: profit, profit-seeking, vanity, greed, cupidity, stinginess, accumulation, waste, speculation, bribes.

8. Usury: insolence, extortion, robbery, brigand, cunning, tricks, not giving back debts.

9. False: lies, addiction, deceit, craftiness, bribery, unjust judgment, dishonor, dishonesty, suspicion, concealment, complicity, conceit, disgust.

10. Envy: in the goods of material, in spiritual virtues, partiality, desire.

11. Pride: conceit, obstinate, extolment, vanity, arrogance, hypocrisy, self-idolatry, disobedience, pertinacious, disdain, shamelessness, nefarious, blasphemy, ignorance.

12. Rancor: gloating, vengeance, vindictiveness, sabotage, hunting, intrigue, slander, defaming someone or complicity in it.

13. Anger: intransigence, irascibility, hatred, fury, insolence, spite, despair, quarrels, squabbles, hysterics, scandal, perfidy, possession, ruthlessness.

14. Murder: (thoughts, word, deed) blows, kicks, shocks, fights, use of all kinds of weapons or preparation for murder, attempt, abortion (or complicity).

15. Bewitchment : charm, fascination (cosmetics and etc.), fortune telling, astrology, horoscopes, seduction fashion, healing (extrasensory) under the name of God, levitation, quackery, witchcraft, black magic, shamanism, sorcery.

16.Adultery: (unmarried in church) carnal, spiritual (dreams, fantasies, ecstasy, delights), voluptuous views, dirty thoughts, endulgence to sin, desecration of chastity, night desecrations.

17. Fornication: (in church marriage) the same and still seduction, violence, fall, violation of the vow of celibacy (celibacy).

18.Sodomy: perversion of nature, self-satisfaction, self-torture, violence, kidnapping, incest, seduction of minors (direct and indirect), torturing others, animals, cannibalism, bestiality, buggery (etc.), eating food idols.

19. Heresy: unbelief, scam, spiritual and mental fornication, distortions and perversion of truths, distortion of Orthodoxy, doubts, violation of prayers, abstraction, apostasy, violation of church ordinances, behavior in the temple (visits with cover and women’s skirts), non-attendance Services, loss of fear of God.

20. No clemency: insensitivity, ruthlessness, persecution of the infirm, cruelty, petrification, hardening (no care about the elderly, children, sick, not give alms, not sacrifice time for others), inhumanity, heartlessness. NO REPENTACE.